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Currently at the Emporium

Photographs by Lincoln Castricone

January 14th – March 4th 2018

Art Opening: Sunday, January 14th from 3 – 6 PM

Lincoln has been doing digital photography and printing for over 18 years. He has won numerous awards and is represented by fine art galleries in Oregon, California, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, Ohio and Kentucky
His interest in photography began in the 1960’s when he worked in black and white photography. Since he adopted digital photography, he has developed a technique for doing wide format, high resolution panoramic photography for landscape work. Almost all his B&W images are conversions from infrared.
Most of his images are composites. That is, they are made up of multiple digital frames stitched together in a computer. This image is then printed on photo paper, canvas or infused into metal. Only archival quality materials are used.
Linc is a clinical psychologist, father of four and resides in Yellow Springs Ohio.
“Landscape never bores me and when it’s grand I am called beyond myself, which is a good thing. For me a good landscape rendering evokes at once a sense of familiarity and a mystery, the recognition of a place I’ve never been and never left.”


A standard exhibition runs for two months at the Emporium. We are generally scheduled a year in advance. If interested in exhibiting at the Emporium, please contact Michael Casselli at michael.casselli@gmail.com. The Emporium collects a 10 percent commission on all sales.


Art by Sharri P.

October 21-December 21, 2017

Art Opening: Saturday Oct. 21 from 4 – 6 PM

Come celebrate the whimsical art of Sharri Phillips! “The world of the carny, the gypsy, the fairy, the whirling dancer – these are the places Sharri Phillips explores in her art. Working with fabric, paint and paper mache, Phillips creates works of art filled with her vibrant dreams, memories from her childhood and a dark mystery. ‘I am very drawn towards whimsical and magical themes,’ she said.” (Excerpt courtesy of xeniagazette.com compiled by Whitney Vickers)
Sharri Phillips was recently awarded the Lee Miller People’s Choice Award for her piece entitled “Fairy Dollhouse” in the 71st Annual Members’ Juried Exhibition at the Springfield Museum of Art where she will be showcasing her art again in April 2018.

Santiago Matatlan:NFS

Photography and text by Isaac Samuel Delamatre

June 12th-August 13th 2017

Art Opening:Saturday June 17th from 4 – 6pm

Japan Through an Antiochian Eye: Student Photography

May 11th – June 11th 2017

Art Opening May 15th from 4-6pm

Jon Langford

March 4-April 30

The Welsh-born Langford has been a resident of Chicago, Illinois since the mid 1990s. He was a founding member of art-collective the Mekons, one of the longest-running and most prolific bands from the first wave of British punk. The band started while Langford and other members were in art school at Leeds University, Leeds, England. The Mekons have released 20 albums since 1979, and the band is featured in a 2014 documentary, Revenge of the Mekons, directed by Joe Angio. The Mekons’ most recent album is a book-and-CD package called Existentialism.  Langford records and performs as Jon Langford and Skull Orchard, and is a member of the Waco Brothers and the Pine Valley Cosmonauts (in Chicago) and Jon Langford’s Men of Gwent and The Three Johns (England and Wales). His most recent project is Bad Luck Jonathan.

Celebration: The Paintings of Ira Beryl Brukner

January 7th – February 28th 2017

This exhibition celebrates the life and work of Ira Bery Bruckner.

Ira was a poet first with several published collections of his work, including Hubba Hubba, Questions, Short Poems, Water and Air and What Deals Have You Made with Your Dreams, which he often performed with musicians.   He shifted to painting in his later years.  He was self-taught, often exclaiming, “I don’t know where it comes from.  The work is just pouring out of me!”

Ira Beryl Brukner was born November 27, 1948, in Jacksonville, FL and died on November 11, 2015.  He was a graduate of Hebrew University in Jerusalem and received a MA from Bread Loaf School of English, Middlebury, Vermont.

Ira was a charismatic poet with numerous published collections and taught poetry in the schools. Giving readings in the US, Holland and Germany, he often collaborated with accomplished jazz musicians.  Ira’s longest poem, Questions, was a collection of 1,000 questions, which he read from a scroll while wearing a tie made out of fliptops by the artist Fliptop:

Are you happy

Do you talk outloud in public

Do you like what you are doing

Have you wanted to cry for a long time

Are there good bosses and just wars

Do pep talks depress you and vice versa

Are you floating on a wine dark sea

…………(and ends with)

is an idea no thing

is love beyond good and evil

have you seen a white lion or a yellow moon

can you shout the ineffable

what deals have you made with your dreams

Ira was also an accomplished self-taught painter who began painting later in life. He was ecstatic when painting, often commenting, ”I don’t know where this is coming from!! It is just coming through me!”  He displayed his work in galleries in Ohio and was included in a traveling art show of “outsider art” in Ohio and Kentucky.

Ira had a huge effect on the lives of many in his zest for life. He loved to strike up conversations with people on the street wherever he lived-New York City, Amsterdam, Ithaca, NY.  His humor was whimsical and ironic.  Ira loved all of the arts while keeping a close watch on political events. In Yellow Springs, he was part of the supportive community of artists.

Ira was preceded in death by his parents Ruth Davis Waxman and Irving Brukner. He is survived by his son Raphael Walsh Brukner; former wife Jill Becker; sister and her husband, Elaine Brukner Winer and Sanford Winer; nephew and his wife, Art Winer and Mallory McCreary; niece and her husband, Barbara Winer and Scott Schenberg; and great niece, Simone Winer.

He will remain in our hearts and memories. To celebrate his life, a poetry reading of his poems and paintings will be held on Saturday, February 4th from 3:00-6:00 at the Emporium.

Gary Birch New Works

October 22nd-January 1 2017

Gary Birch lives in Milford Ohio where he paints and does conservation and restoration of antiques and art. He started painting regularly in 2011 when he rented a studio in the school house in Yellow Springs. His work is influenced by 20th-century industry and popular art and the arts of the world’s indigenous cultures.

“My work has no message. It is a found experience that alters my vision. The alteration makes the world vivid. Discovery is the energy of working. They are synergistic.

Michael Casselli presents: from the collection of…….

April 16th – June 12, 2016

For this exhibition the participants were asked to contribute two objects; one, a piece of artwork, made by someone besides themselves, and two, a memento or tchotchke. Both objects must be something they live on a day to day basis. Each person was asked to supply an artist label for each grouping of objects, supplying  the name, dimension, material and date of acquisition along with a short description of the meaning that each object has in their life. These objects and words allowed the viewer to experience the personal nature of “collecting” and the importance that objects play in all of our lives.

Bruce Parker

February 13 – April 10, 2016

Bruce has taken his skills and talents he has refined as a contractor and has created a variety of custom made furniture and art pieces that are artistic, functional, whimsical, and re-purposed.

Noah Faler

December 13 – February 12, 2016