March 2017

Greg Abate!

International recording artist Greg Abate returns to the Underdog for a night of killer Jazz! “Greg Abate is an absolute powerhouse who will absolutely not let hard driving bebop die. One of the most exciting players around today, Greg’s commitment to the music is total…” –W. Pickowitz, Jr., The Jazz Messenger

Jon Langford Art Opening

The Welsh-born Langford has been a resident of Chicago, Illinois since the mid 1990s. He was a founding member of art-collective the Mekons, one of the longest-running and most prolific bands from the first wave of British punk. The band started while Langford and other members were in art school at Leeds University, Leeds, England. [...]

February 2017

“From the Tower: Poetry in Honor of Conrad Balliet”

On Saturday, Feb 25,  3:00-5:00 pm, local poets will be reading selections from the new publication "From the Tower: Poetry in Honor of Conrad Balliet."  Conrad Balliet, perhaps best known for his radio show "Conrad's Corner" on WYSO, is a former professor of Wittenberg University.  Join us for poetry, a glass of wine and light [...]

speaking suns

Yellow Springs' own SPEAKING SUNS Will play the wine/beer tasting at the empo! Pre-Post-New-Wave-Independent-Psych-Pop "The independent pop outfit from Yellow Springs, Ohio, creates spacious landscapes of sound that allow the listener to leisurely ease into their catchy tracks. The soulful hooks are present, but they're not jumping out at you before you're ready for them. [...]

Lunchtime Jazz With E & G!

Every Wednesday something amazing happens in the Emporium -- live lunchtime Jazz for your aural & epicurian pleasure!  Support the great American art of Jazz with E & G! E&G are Erik Greiffenhagen (sax) and Greg Dearth (guitar & vocals).