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Nominate the Emporium for Best of Dayton!


Nominate until 8/18 @ 11:59pm Eastern Vote Starting 9/3 @ 2:00pm Eastern

We are so excited to be able to ask for your support in nominating and voting for Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe in the Best of Dayton! This contest is public directed and the winners are chosen through the nominations of people just like you! People nominate their favorite location, and then the voting begins and the public is again able to raise their voice for their choice in a particular category.

RAISE YOUR GLASS AND NOMINATE THE EMPORIUM! Click the button below and we will keep you posted each step of the way! Be sure to forward this to a friend. Celebrations are more fun together!

Suggested Categories DRINK > Wine Store/Tasting DRINK > Wine Selection



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