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Become a wine Connoisseur with the Emporium Wine Club!

Each month we personally curate artisanal, natural, and biodynamic wines from small producers around the world. This is a great chance to try different wines, explore new styles, and gain knowledge about what’s in your glass. Join us for exclusive wine tastings and more!

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  • How long are art shows displayed?
    Each Art Show is schedule for a two month duration, unless otherwise agreed upon by the Art Director.
  • How far in advance are art shows scheduled?
    Art shows can be scheduled as far as 1 year in advance. The scheduling calendar is at the discretion of the Art Director, and based on various elements such as season, number of similar artists, and other evaluaative metrics.
  • How are the art pieces purchased?
    Each artist prices their artwork individually. Interested buyers will reach out to the Artist directly through the information provided the Emporium from Artist. The Emporium is not involved or responsible for the sale of any artwork, or the coordination of art delivery made through any sales by artist. Each artist may have a separate sales method in place, so sales will differ based on artist.
  • How many pieces are required to present during a show at the Emporium?
    The number of pieces varies per artist and per art piece. However, the intention is to have the artist fill the gallery space with artwork. It is recommended for the artist to visit the Emporium to understand the layout, spacing, culture, and options available. For more detailed questions, please contact the Art Director..
  • What is an artist reception?
    The Emporium takes every opportunity to ensure that the artist receives maximum exposure. To help present the artist and their work to the community, an artist reception is scheduled to celebrate the Gallery opening. The artist has the ability to decline the reception if they so choose. HELPFUL TIPS The Emporium provides a limited supply of wine The Artist is able to bring refreshments if they like The Artist Reception is generally scheduled on a Sunday, unless otherwise negotiated with the Art Director. The Artist reception is open to the public with the Artist's work available for purchase.
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