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Art Shows Return to the Emporium with Mixed Media Artist Dylan Sage

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe re-launches in-house art shows, beginning September 2022. These installations transform the walls of the cafe living room into a creative space and art gallery and will feature local, regional, and national talent.

Under the direction of the new Emporium Art Director, Martha Mendelsohn, these carefully curated productions will present artists with the opportunity of displaying their work to the public to both view, and to purchase. Each show will be publicly displayed for two months providing the artist maximum exposure of their work, and giving the public the opportunity to fully experience the artist's gallery, and purchase favorite pieces within the collection.

With a long history of supporting the arts, Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe continues to present artists and art lovers with the creative opportunity to connect and to be inspired. By featuring unique and thought-provoking collections, the Emporium seeks to be a place where artists not only feature their talent but thrive from it.

“The potential for the Emporium as a venue for artists to display their work is exciting. I’m looking forward to discovering and reaching out to more artists to have their work represented here.” -Martha Mendelsohn, Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe Art Director.

To re-launch this initiative, the Emporium welcomes the talents of mixed media artist Dylan Sage Mixed Media Art Page. The collection of his work will be on display starting Monday, September 5th, with an artist reception to follow.

MEET THE ARTIST Dylan Sage is a Mixed Media Artist based out of Yellow Springs, OH. Although formally trained in sculpture and ceramics, his primary medium is now acrylic paint. This work could comfortably be labeled as Pop Art. Reminiscent of artists such as Robert Crumb, Gary Larson, or even M.C. Escher with prominent cartoon faces and tubular mazes. A continuous ode to the existential vacuum of time time....



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