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BARE writer Savannah sets sites on continuing education in New York City

Savannah Brantley is a young writer, and employee at Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe. With her passion and sights set on writing, she held her debut event entitle "BARE: A Reading by Savannah." With playful and more heartfelt pieces, Savannah presented attendees with a powerful collection of writings that left them wanting to hear more.


Accepted for an internship in New York, Savannah sets her sights on heading to the city in the fall to discover more about her passion, the writing field, and to gain valuable experience and education that will help shape her writing and her future. Below, hear her words and learn how you are able to help assist the educational endeavors of this young writer.

"My name is Savannah Brantley and I’m trying to raise money for an educational program I’ll be attending in the fall. I’m a 20 year old creative writing major, and have little help from my relatives. Both my parents are deceased, so all of my tuition comes from the money I earn while working in the summer. My current school, Ohio Wesleyan University, works with The New York Arts Program to help undergrad students travel to New York and take a seminar in a field they’re passionate about. The program also helps match students up with two internships that speak to their artistic ambitions, giving students space to further develop their own craft and make connections in the world that they want to begin their career. I have been writing for seven years and am confident that writing is what I’ll be doing long after I graduate, and this program would give me invaluable experience for my future. I am just looking to make a better future for myself than the ones my parents had. Any help at all is appreciated." - Savannah



Savannah sat down for an up close and personal interview on #ThePHILLIPShow. During the interview, host Phillip O'Rourke asked probing questions that revealed how Savannah was guided to her specific writing style, how personal experiences play a role in her writing content, and where life will take her next. Watch >>>




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