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Emporium Employee Art Takes Center Stage

New to the gallery walls of the Emporium Cafe living room is the creative work of talented Emporium employees. Throughout January & February, the Employee Art Gallery will be on display for public visit and viewing. The range of this show is tremendous, and spans pastels, prints, sketch, and more. Although different artists, the collection has a semblance of harmony and connectedness that is refreshingly unexpected. The featured Employee Artists include:

• Derrick Dent

• Kati Harrington

• Martha Mendelsohn

• Molly Finch

• Robert Marcum

• Samantha Farkas

• Wakka Ciccone

Browse the gallery and select your favorite piece(s) to add to your collection. A reception was held for the gallery opening on Sunday, January 15th, where the public was able to meet the artists, browse the collections, and enjoy wine and refreshments.

Visit the gallery and enjoy the work of the some of the talented Emporium Employee Artists.


Interested in being a featured artist? CLICK HERE



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