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Emporium Gallery Welcomes Jen Perkins as Featured Artist

Featured at The Emporium Art Gallery from May to June, Jen Perkins, an Ohio native artist with a nomadic spirit, returned to her roots after 17 years in Europe and, most recently, Portland, Oregon. Residing in Dayton's historic Five Oaks neighborhood with her artist spouse and two children, Perkins's artistic journey predominantly revolves around mixed media encaustic paintings and commercial murals. Noteworthy are her recent contributions to The Boonshoft Museum Of Natural History. Her diverse portfolio has garnered attention both locally and nationally, earning her a place in numerous permanent collections.

"Engaging in an interdisciplinary art practice, my creative journey is primarily guided by intuition, enriched by my immersion in metaphysical realms. Exploring the profound principles of metaphysics—delving into abstract concepts like being, knowledge, and existence—fuels the essence of my work.

At the core of my current artistic exploration lies encaustic paint, interwoven with a diverse array of mixed media such as oil paint, gold leaf, ink, wood, graphite, and plaster. My aesthetic ethos is imbued with a dream-like quality, a visionary expression that merges seamlessly with my inspiration drawn from scientific discoveries, particularly in quantum physics, as well as from my personal experiences as a clairsentient.

The vastness and multi-dimensional nature of both metaphysical concepts and personal encounters compel me to translate and dissect them visually. Through this process, I find clarity and understanding, crafting narratives that delve into themes of time, epochs, and ancestral connections.

My artistic evolution spans from ethereal landscapes with layered dimensional forms to streamlined geometric symbols and intricate three-dimensional textures. Rooted in the depths of our collective consciousness, these compositions emerge from archetypes—a process I often describe as tapping into the collective unconscious.

My palette reflects the rich spectrum of human emotions—morose, joyful, and robust—layered with colors that evoke depth and complexity. Employing both additive and subtractive techniques, each piece undergoes a careful process, with 10 to 20 layers thoughtfully applied to match the vision I pursue.

For the past decade, I have been immersed in the evolution and exploration of this medium and subject matter, continuously refining my artistic expression to encapsulate the essence of existence and transcendental truths." - Jennifer Perkins

Join us at Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe in Yellow Springs, Ohio, for an exquisite experience beginning Sunday May, 5th. Explore our newest installation and immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonder. Each piece is available for purchase, offering you the opportunity to find the perfect addition to your personal collection. Don't miss this chance to indulge your senses and discover the beauty of art. We look forward to welcoming you!


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