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November & December Featured Wines By The Glass

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Celebrate the holidays with a curated selection of the finest natural and traditional wines of the month at Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe. Embrace the spirit of the season as we showcase unique and exceptional wines carefully chosen for their character and quality. Each of these handpicked selections promises a journey through flavor and tradition. Indulge in the essence of festivity by savoring these wines by the glass, offering a delightful opportunity to explore and appreciate the diverse range of options. Join us in raising a glass to the joyous moments and exquisite tastes that these wines bring, creating memories and adding warmth to your holiday gatherings. And be sure to enjoy the beer by the glass options featuring the Yellow Springs Brewery.



Natural wines shy away from additives, including preservatives that keep the wine fresh for longer once it's bottled.

Vanidoso Chardonnay: Are you interested in a Chardonnay without too much oak? This organic Chardonnay from Chile is bright and refreshing with a dry citrusy finish. Not too oaky, not too austere but right down the middle of the road.

Bonny Doon Le Cigare Orange: Pink wine of the earth. This wine from California’s Central Coast has a modest alcohol content at 10.5%. The medium bodied blend is primarily grenache blanc and cinsault. It is dry, tart, acidic, with notes of tangerine, peach and apricot. This wine has some weight with a creamy quality and savory mouthfeel. It is a very approachable skin contact wine for those new to orange wines.

Luribira Garnacha: Lurbira in the ancient Basque pantheon was the “Mother Goddess of the Earth”. This Grenache from Spain is a ruby-colored, natural wine and happens to be an Emporium favorite. Dark berry fruit (blueberry, blackberry), earthiness of mushrooms and wood, bright acidity and medium tannins. AND, Bodegas Beramendi is one of the only wineries in Spain run completely by women!

Chalmers Mother Block Red Blend: The Chalmers vineyard in Australia is the location of the family home and business. We have featured the white blend and are now giving the red its due. It is a blend of Italian varietals imported to Australia where they are sustainably farmed. It is bright, combining dark red fruits with savory qualities. A wine for every palate.



Traditional wines are typically made in an Old World, earth-driven style, upholding the methods of that region.

Tropical Mango Moscato: Moscato and passion fruit! This blend is bright and aromatic with notes of peach and mango. This easygoing sipper has soft effervescence and refreshing mouthfeel that will keep you coming back for more.

Pinot Project Pinot Grigio: The grapes for this Italian wine are grown in soil of clay and limestone with a temperate climate ideal for producing wine with great natural acidity. It smells of granny smith apple, lemon and honeysuckle. An easy sipping wine with bright acidity and you won’t find any oak.

Comtesse Marion Pinot Noir: This beautifully balanced French Pinot Noir showcases flavors of fresh wild strawberry, blood orange, and red cherries. Medium bodied, round tannins with a silky texture. Fermented and aged in stainless steel tanks.

Campo Viejo Rioja: Campo Viejo combines traditional and progressive wine making methods. This Spanish gem is 100% tempranillo. Rich and intense aromas lead to ripe black plum and berry fruit on the palate. It is full bodied with gentle acidity and notes of vanilla and sweet spices in the finish.

Cotes Mas Rose: This vibrant, French rose is a blend of grenache, cinsault and syrah. It is bright and refreshing with healthy acidity, a fruity palate and a floral nose. It has medium body with notes of strawberry and watermelon.



Yellow Springs Brewery Boat Show IPA Tropical fruit and citrus hop notes shine when paired with the sweetness of the Crystal malts used in this moderate body IPA. 7% ABV Moderate IBU.

Yellow Springs Brewery Captain Stardust (Saison)

Light-bodied Saison made with American Comet hops creating a rustic, juicy citrus profile and a spicy yeast character, this Saison is eminently drinkable.



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