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The Community Coffee Honor System Is Back!

Are you a regular at the Emporium and just want to grab a cup of coffee, but don't want to wait in a line? Utilize the Community Coffee Honor System!

Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe has always been community centric with an environment that is intentional about supporting those in the Village, and ensuring that the atmosphere remains convenient & welcoming, with a sense of home.

With the increased traffic on the weekends (and often weekdays), it's become time consuming for those who patronize the Emporium on a regular basis to conveniently, and quickly grab a cup of coffee. What once was a quick exchange at times has become standing in a long line for a hot, fresh drip coffee - and we understand!

The Community Coffee Honor System has been reinitiated. When visiting the Emporium for a cup of coffee, go directly to the drip coffee bar, grab your hot cup of coffee, and deposit the appropriate payment amount (based on cup volume) in the black honor system canister located at the end of the coffee bar. Cash only.

No need to stand in line for just a cup of coffee. We trust you!

The Community Coffee Honor System only includes drip coffee or hot tea. If there are additional items needing to be ordered or questions answered, please wait in line for the next available team member to assist at the register.



Ask a team member for a Coffee Club Card today!

COFFEE CLUB Are you a coffee lover? Join our Coffee Club! With the purchase of 12 pounds of coffee, receive a pound absolutely FREE!

Pick up your card today! With each pound of whole bean or ground coffee purchased, we will punch your card until it is full. Then, we will give you one pound FREE.

Supporting our local community members!

ECAP LOCAL DISCOUNT CARD If you live or work in the Village of Yellow Springs, you are eligible to purchase a local discount card which saves 15% on: • Coffee

• Tea • Espresso Drinks • Breakfast • Soups • Healthy Choice Wraps • Drip Coffee / Tea The ECAP local discount card is a one-time purchase of $5.


Review the EVENT CALENDAR and stay updated with the band schedule.



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