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Preserving Your Opened Wines and Savoring Your Special Moments

The joy of uncorking a bottle of natural wine from The Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio, can add a special touch to any holiday celebration. The depth of flavors, the unique characteristics, and the commitment to sustainable winemaking practices make these wines treasures to savor. However, once the bottle is opened, it's essential to preserve its integrity to enjoy it fully.

Understanding Natural Wines from The Emporium

The Emporium in Yellow Springs, Ohio, prides itself on curating an exceptional selection of natural wines. These wines, made with minimal intervention and using organic or biodynamic methods, often reflect the true essence of the grape and the terroir. As such, preserving these unique qualities becomes crucial once the bottle is opened. This is not isolated to Natural Wines alone, but helps to serve as a guide for preservation.

🍇 Tips for Preserving Opened Natural Wines 🍇

1. Recork or Reseal Properly

  • Use the original cork if possible or invest in high-quality wine stoppers to create a tight seal.

  • For wines with screw caps, screw it back on securely.

2. Store Correctly

  • Keep the bottle upright to minimize surface area exposed to oxygen.

  • Store in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

3. Use Preservation Tools

  • Consider using vacuum pumps or inert gas systems designed to remove oxygen from the bottle, prolonging the wine's freshness. The Emporium uses The Private Preserve Wine Preservation System which comes in a can. This process replaces the air that seeps into an open bottle with a balanced mixture of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and argon to keep wine fresh. Visit us to learn more.

4. Refrigerate (for some wines)

  • Light-bodied or aromatic natural whites and rosés might benefit from refrigeration to slow down oxidation.

  • Remember to bring the wine to the ideal serving temperature before consuming.

5. Finish in Time

  • Enjoy the wine within a few days to a week for optimal taste. Natural wines might have fewer preservatives, making them more susceptible to oxidation.


🎄 Additional Tips for The Emporium's Holiday Wine Selection 🎄

During the holiday season, The Emporium often showcases special selections ideal during Friday Night Wine Tastings & Live Music. Here are some additional tips for preserving these holiday-themed natural wines:

  • Spiced Reds or Mulled Wines: Store these in a cool place and consider reheating gently before serving. Use preservation tools to maintain the flavors.

  • Bubbly or Sparkling Wines: Invest in specialized stoppers designed for effervescent wines to maintain their fizziness for longer.


Whether it's a rich, robust red or a crisp, refreshing white, The Emporium's natural wine selection offers a tapestry of flavors for your holiday gatherings. By employing these preservation methods, you can extend the lifespan of these delightful wines and continue to relish their distinctive character long after the first pour. Cheers to preserving the spirit of natural wines through the joyous holiday season!🍷



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