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A Tasty Treat Comes To The Emporium This Sunday

The Emporium is known for having unique guests and community events throughout the year. From magic shows, to book readings, the Emporium features it all.

This Sunday, Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe partners with "Trey's Lemonade Stand" to present a community taste testing event! Have you ever wondered how brands select their new flavors? What make one flavor better than the next? How are they selected from season to season? The answer is: Your voice. Your feedback. Your opinion.

Meet Trey from Trey's Lemonade Stand and his team, and taste-test flavors, and be a part of the upcoming flavor selection. Trey's Lemonade Stand has been seen at the Village of Yellow springs YSPD Touch-A-Truck, YS Pride events, and more. Enjoy the fun. Enjoy the flavors. This is a great event to bring the children to meet this young entrepreneur.

DATE: Sunday, January 29th

TIME: 4pm - 6pm LOCATION: Emporium Wines & Underdog Cafe | 233 Xenia Ave. Yellow Springs, OH 45387


Coming up on Friday...


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